Heart Manifestation Experience

As Rumi said almost 800 years ago:

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

Your heart is the gateway to the life you are meant to live.

The World Needs You!

Every cell in your body vibrates with a purpose so grand that your human mind will never be able to fully understand it. And that is exactly how it’s supposed to be.

Your purpose in life is not meant to be understood, it’s meant to be lived.

If you are reading this right now, it means that deep down you are ready to walk the path that your soul has laid out for you long ago. It means that you are ready to be the unique expression of the divine as only you can be.

It’s time to stop trying to force your manifestations into existence and instead allow them to fall into place.

It means that your essence is ready to connect to the energy of ease and the path of least resistance.

Upgrade the Connection
to Your Heart’s Wisdom

In technology, innovations are unstoppable. Technology gets faster, better and is upgraded on a consistent basis. Let us help you to upgrade and improve your connection with the 4th Dimensional Heart Space and become better at bypassing the mind.

The result will be that you will have a greatly magnified sense of what’s possible for your life and open you to a new, brighter, happier and more prosperous  future.​​​​​​​

We’ll teach you one of our favorite strategies to graciously, effortlessly and positively transform both your own life and, at the same time, that of others in ways so positive and rewarding that it seems almost impossible to imagine its profound transformational and spiritual effects, simply because it seems too easy to be true. This is the power of the heart! When upgraded, it influences everything around it!

In this 24 part video training, you will lay the foundation that will last a lifetime as you learn new strategies to resonate with the 4th dimensional power of your heart. We will do several deep level guidance sessions that will open the gateway to your 4th dimensional heart.

This is not just about learning strategies —  you will experience the opening of your heart’s gateway to the future that you desire, and you will learn how to keep it open for the rest of your life.

We will show you what happened in our lives once we discovered how to open the 4th Dimensional Heart Space to our desired future and how to make sure it stays open.

How to Know If This Training is for You…
if you desire to be free to create what you desire.

if you desire to believe that every goal you dream of can become reality.

If you are searching for a new job, let it find you! We’ll show you how!
if you want to attract more wealth and increase the quality of your life and the lives of others. Let your heart lead the way! We’ll show you how!
if you desire a better relationship, or a new partner. With your heart tuned into the right frequency he or she can appear in your life faster than you can realize.
if you know what you want… your heart has been whispering it into your being for longer than you might realize. The seeds for your manifestation have been planted long ago!
if you want to be free to choose and attract your dreams without guilt. When you truly manifest from this space, you are serving the highest good for everyone involved.
Once the power of your heart is upgraded to the next level, you will expand your awareness of what is possible and shift your Identity to a new level, where you have all the qualities in you that you need to attract the life you desire with grace, ease and joy.
Packed with over 10 hours of experiential training and meditations to raise your heart's vibrations & create the life you desire.
24 part video series of the Heart Manifestation Experience weekend held in Oy-Mittelberg, Germany
The 4 Steps of Compassionate Communication PDF
Every time I have attended a seminar...what you give, what you get, but every time I have been blown away and each time has been transformational.
Emre, Germany
So… Are You Going To Join Us For The Heart Manifestation Experience?
Meet Your Teachers
Dr. Roy Martina, MD
Dr. Joy Martina, PhD

Roy Martina is a Holistic Medical Doctor specializing in holistic therapies (Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Cancer Therapy, Psycho Neuro Immunology & Deep Change Hypnosis),  a world renowned martial arts champion (6th degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor) and author of numerous bestselling books he wrote to spread his knowledge. Many are translated into more than eight languages.
His worldwide bestseller is titled “Emotional Balance.” (Hay House).

He’s the Founder of Omega Healing and many alternative therapies such as RAPID (Allergy Treatment), Neuro-Emotional Integration (Emotional Trauma Therapy) and INTEGRA (Integrated Complementary Medicine).


Dr. Joy Martina is an Omega Healing Life Coach (where she met Roy), a Hypnotherapist, an Expert in Holographic Projection of Intention (Psycho-informationology, a method developed by Professor Ignatenko), has the status of a Remote Viewer (formed with the former agent of the CIA: David Moorehouse), is an expert in Matrix Energetics (Richard Bartlett method), and a Christallin Oracle trained channel to powerful masters and luminous beings that assist in healing, strategic counseling, and good fortune.

She is the coauthor of six books, including the bestseller: “Sleep Your Fat Away,” and is the creator of ICON (International Christallin Oracles Network), that are a group of oracles who continue to train and conduct research on the future for the well-being of planet earth.

The sessions with you are so powerful and inspiring/constructive...so much has changed and shifted since we started. Every time we connect I feel more free, cheerful and self confident. My belief and trust in myself, my talents and abilities is growing. And I am feeling more and more worthy and loving. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Martina, Germany
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