Discover How To Receive Genius-Level Insights For Healing, Spiritual Evolution, And The Betterment Of Mother Earth
By Becoming A Crystal Clear Conduit For Ascended Masters, Angels, And Light-Beings From Other Dimensions And Star Systems
Without being controlled by your ego, past programming, and personal filters.
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Full Hypno Channeling
By Roy Martina & Milan Somers
Or keep reading to discover the fastest way to your Genius Zone & Higher Self.
All over the world, select groups of people are receiving Quantum information “downloads” that activate healing and spiritual growth.
These messages come from higher dimensional beings of light, ascended masters, angels, and genius-level intellects like Einstein, Tesla, and Da Vinci.

If you’re a healer, intuitive coach, empath, or are simply concerned about what’s happening in the world right now…

Or if you’re feeling stuck and unable to realize your biggest goals…
Blocked or cut off from divine guidance…
Your ego and past keep getting in the way of recognizing opportunities that can change your life…
Everything’s a struggle even though you meditate and work hard on yourself…
You know how the laws of attraction and manifestation work, but you can’t seem to get them to work for you…
Or if you feel called to spread more love, light, and healing into the world…
Then we’d like to show you how to finally and permanently unlock your fullest potential by aligning with your Quantum Self:
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The Most Realized Version of Yourself That Acts Like a Gateway for Powerful Universal Information and That Can Change Your Life and Help the World Fulfill Its Destiny.
I am Roy Martina, and together with Milan Somers, we want to invite you to a 4-day video training where you will learn how to access the highest levels of:
Through a newly developed process we call Full Hypno Channeling.

Full Hypno Channelers can receive and download information from their higher selves and other sources of love and light without any interference from their ego.

That means they become pure conduits for messages that have the power to change the course of the world.
Imagine that in an alternate timeline, there’s a version of you living the life you want.

In this timeline, you have optimal health.

You are financially free and creating wealth for yourself and those around you.

You have razor-sharp intuition and know exactly which steps to take to achieve your goals.

You’ve stopped struggling and started living effortlessly.

You attract and create your desire easily, and you no longer exhaust yourself trying to make things happen by force of will.
Choose the Timeline You Want and Align Yourself with It Effortlessly
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Now imagine that you, the one reading this right now, can fully and completely align with that other version of yourself.

All of their qualities become yours.

The healing, wealth, intuition, effortlessness, confidence, and manifestation powers.

All shared with you wholly and equally.

I call this Quantum Timeline Jumping, and it’s something I’ve started teaching to exclusive groups all over the world.

It’s changing people’s lives…

And it’s just one of the many techniques I will teach you during this 4-day video training.

We will share over a dozen other techniques that will allow you to become a Full Hypno Channeler.

Unlock the Channeling Secrets Previously Reserved for an Elite Few…
Lightning fast methods of entering a hypnotic state and connecting with your higher self without any interference from your ego.

No more doubt, second-guessing or questioning your experience.

I’ve traveled the world learning from countless masters of the mind, attraction, dimensional alchemy, hypnosis, and healing.

I’ve been putting them together into a supercharged combination of the most potent channeling techniques the world has ever seen.

Usually these types of techniques are only passed down from one master channeler to another.

These methods are well-kept secrets because the powers that be are afraid of what could happen if the people have access to them.

When many so-called ‘gurus’ do share these techniques…

They only give you bits and pieces.

Just enough to get you excited but never enough to truly make it work.

Yet, I firmly believe that we all deserve to know how to shape reality.

Because when people come together with powerful visions for the future based on love and light…
That’s When Miracles Happen
We're pulling back the curtain on the channeling, healing, and manifestation techniques that actually work.

The exact same methods that have worked in our lives and with those we’ve shared these methods with.

Methods like Remote Viewing, which was developed at Stanford University for the CIA.

They have been tried and tested by us and our exclusive group of highly trained channelers, the likes of which predicted the Trump presidency long before anyone gave him a chance to win.
And now, it’s finally time to share them with you.

But before you learn these techniques, you must understand one thing,

There’s a reason the law of attraction, channeling, and manifestation has never truly worked for you before.

A part of you is blocking you from achieving everything you desire.

It’s why people who have learned how to channel or who have strongly developed intuitions still keep making the same mistakes and stay stuck…

Even though they have access to the exact information they need from divine sources!

And we're happy to tell you that after decades of research and experimenting, we've finally figured out how to remove that block once and for all.

And we will teach you what that block is and how to remove it in just a few minutes if you keep reading.
But first, we want to show you why Full Hypno Channeling is such a powerful, life-changing method.
You’ll learn how to…
Get directly in touch with your Quantum Self and download skills from it with a unique method that activates new skills into your potential.
Bring your intuition to the highest possible level so it becomes unmistakable and crystal clear.
Develop your native psychic gifts to master levels, whether clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance.
Connect and align with your Quantum Self across multiple timelines, and integrate their best qualities into yourself.
Let go of your ego and control mechanisms and allow a light being, which only serves the light, to temporarily use your body to pass on important messages.
Channel geniuses and artists like Monet and Picasso and paint as they did. Or make and play music like Mozart, and write entire books with guided information.
Expose your body to the healing frequencies of light, accelerating the healing process.
Let go of fears concerning control and learn how to surrender and have unshakable faith.
That and much more are in store if you accept this invitation.
Just like Trudy did, who said this after our first testing trials:
Quantum Hypnosis is so worth it! It changed my life in a positive way.
And Marleen, who wrote us just days after the training:
💫💥 Blown away!! 💥💫 This is how I would describe the Quantum Spirit Hypnosis course by Roy Martina .. One thing's for sure: what happens here is life-changing . This is my first experience of hypnosis and I feel privileged to be taught by the best hypnotists out there
I Was Just Like You
You see, I was just like you.

I knew in my bones that there’s more to this world than we can see with our physical eyes.

And I’ve meditated for more hours than I can count.

Over the years, my intuition has gotten sharper, and I’ve even channeled messages from higher dimensional beings.

But despite years of experience and training, I just couldn’t get my ego to get out of the way.

So I still made the wrong decisions and trusted the wrong people, despite seeing the signs!

And more than once, I’ve risked losing everything.
Your ego is like a filter that mutates the divine guidance you receive through your intuition.
It’s why so many people spend years meditating, opening their chakras, and doing deep work on themselves but still make the same mistakes repeatedly.

With your ego in the middle, distorting information from the other side, you’ll always risk making the wrong decisions.

Not because your intuition isn’t working…

But because the signal is being sabotaged from deep inside your conscious mind!

So I’ve spent the last few years on a quest to learn how to remove my ego from the equation altogether.

The result of my travels, testing, and researching is this is the only course in the world where you can learn to break free from identifying with your body and ego.

You will learn how to receive crystal clear messages about your path, health, and life decisions without second-guessing.

And not just for yourself; with your permission (and only with your permission), you can become a conduit for light beings who exist in higher planes of existence and who bring guidance for the betterment of everyone on Mother Earth.
Welcome to Full Hypno Channeling
Full Hypno Channeling is an immersive 4-day ultimate training in letting go of your ego and control mechanisms and allowing a light being, which only serves the light, to temporarily use your body to pass on important messages. 

>> You are going to discover that you are not your body. 

>> You will let go of fears that have to do with control, learn how to surrender, and have an unshakable faith that all is possible.

>> You also expose your body to the healing frequencies of light, accelerating healing at all possible levels.

>> You will also learn how to create and access a direct line to your higher consciousness. 

That means you’ll always be able to receive guidance that is aligned with your purpose and soul plan here on Earth.

Full Body Channeling isn’t just about receiving messages and training your intuition…

We will give you the tools to kickstart a process of spiritual evolution that will continue for the rest of your life.
In just 4 days, we will help you undergo a deep and permanent transformation process that will…
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Bring you unshakable faith and remove doubt from your mind.
Give you a detachment of control and fully trust your divine plan without fear.
Take away your fear of death.
Take away your fear of death.
Connect you to the wisdom of high-intelligence beings.
Unlock genius levels of creativity
Grant you the ability to write books for light-beings for helping humankind.
Protect you against heavy energies.
Put you in direct contact with brilliant extra-terrestrial intelligences.
Heal your body and others.
Sharpen your intuition to ascended master levels.
Turn you into a super channeler.
Uncover a deep lasting inner peace and connection with Mother Earth.
Show you the fastest way to success and wellness.
Roy's seminars are so awesome and really launch you like a rocket towards your (impossible) goals!!!
Rasmus Crab
I'm super motivated, inspired, and enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole event. 
Rebekka Demuynck
A great weekend! What energy, strength and inner change! Thank you!

Maud Overeem
Enroll If You’re Willing To GROW Or Don’t Enroll At All
This training isn’t for everyone. You need to be open-minded and willing to let go of your preconceived notions of what’s possible.

Full Body Channeling is for the people that know they’re here on Earth with a purpose.

We welcome The Empaths, The Intuitive, The Highly Sensitive, The Healers, The Teachers, The Explorers, The Dreamers, The Bold, and everyone who embraces spiritual growth.
If you experience any of the following, we hope you recognize the synchronicity of this invitation:
You are an Empath or hypersensitive or you get predictive dreams, visions or lots of Eureka moments…
You are an intuitive coach: you intuitively know which questions to ask, you perceive more than is possible with your senses, and you can get to the heart of the matter quickly by following your inner voice.
You have experienced very special journeys with Ayahuasca, magic truffles, in meditation etc. You want to understand these experiences on a deeper level.
You are an Energy Healer: you work with energy and can use your hands to heal others.
You go into trance easily and you want to use that to connect with your Higher Self.
You are a shaman or have an affinity for shamanism.
You are connected to the magical realm: fairies, unicorns, etc.
You like to fantasize and daydream and you are good at it.
You have a predisposition for astral travel or remote viewing and you get up in the morning with vague memories about visiting other places, planets, etc.
You have physic abilities: you feel the presence of other beings, wandering souls, angels, etc.
You have been meditating for years and not much is happening: you want to go deeper.
You want to go to the next level with your spiritual development and create breakthroughs in your life. You know there is a lot more in the barrel than comes out.
You are spiritual and seek to connect with others who are "like-minded.
You want to do it together with others instead of on your own.
You want something radically different. You're ready for a new journey of discovery into the unknown.
You feel called to do this.
I definitely recommend Quantum Hypnosis as an excellent basis for channeling even better.
Joan Tijoe
Yes, yes, yes! Quantum Hypnosis!
I am already in love with this training.

Simone Bold
I experienced so many breakthroughs and transformation in Quantum Hypnosis!
Mirella Bakker
Roy's seminars are in one word: magical. There are so many energy shifts taking place. Not only in the mind, but also in the physical, energetic and emotional body. They can really get people to their core in minutes through their visualizations combined with physical actions on your own body. They really work from the heart.
Kristel van Lieshout
4 days of Full Hypno Channeling Online Training in our exclusive membership site.
The manuals and prep audios and all other accompanying course materials.
excl. VAT
A Word of Warning
Not everyone is happy that we are willing to share these techniques and methods with you. 

The current powers that be don’t believe in our mantra of ‘sharing is caring.’ 

Though we will do everything we can, we can’t guarantee this event will happen again on this scale in the future.

We also firmly believe that the time is NOW. 
We Must Act!
For our children. For the future. 

For our spiritual growth and for the sake of our home, Mother Earth.

If there ever was a time NOT to postpone and procrastinate, that time is now.

If you’re anything like us, you can feel it too. 

Join us and the new wave of healers, teachers, and, light workers.

Let today be the day you will look back on as the time you listened to your intuition and just knew it was the right thing to do.

In Love and Light,

Roy Martina & Milan Somers
Your Trainers:
Drs. Roy Martina

Quantum Mystic

Drs. Roy Martina is a renowned European holistic physician, author of 88 books, business and Life Coach and international trainer/speaker. One of his best-known international bestsellers is Emotional Balance (Hay-House). He has worked and given workshops with Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl and Masaru Emoto, among others. He has developed several new holistic therapies such as Omega Healing, Emotional Balance and Remote Chi. He has developed more than 1,000 natural remedies that are sold in the USA, China and Europe. He has been a holistic physician for over 40 years and has trained more than 250,000 therapists, physicians and managers. Millions of his 88 books have been sold. He is a world-renowned keynote speaker at conferences and seminars and gives lectures and workshops around the world. His passion is sharing his knowledge and research. As a Quantum Mystic, he is a passionate student of the Quantum Laws. His wife Dr. Joy Martina, Ph.D., is a psychic psychologist, bestselling author, and trainer. Together and separately, they conduct life-changing workshops and retreats around the world. Their most recent fascinating creation is the 100-day Masterclass Quantum Extrasensory Perception, also known as Channeling.

Milan Somers

The (self) hypnosis expert of the Netherlands! Milan Somers has over 17 years of experience with NLP and hypnosis. Not only in the public sector, but also in business. Driven by his curiosity and passion for human communication and behavioral action, Milan quickly found his way. Not only in his private life, but also as a consultant, project manager and director. At the Response Institute you will meet him as head trainer for various NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner courses. Throughout his life, Milan studied these subjects at various institutes. He studied with Arcturus, the Dutch Academy of Psychotherapy and the Hypnosis Center, among others. He also found new knowledge beyond the Dutch borders, at the New York Training Institute for NLP and Performance Partnership. Today, Milan uses this experience to shape the Response Institute. And to help others on their path. Milan was taught by Eric Schneider, Richard Bandler and Anné Linden, the founder of the first NLP institute in the world, among others. Anné Linden also trained Milan in Ericksonian Hypnosis. Milan followed his hypnosis trainer training with none other than David Sherpard. With his internationally certified NLP and hypnosis training, Milan possesses all the knowledge and skills to carry out his mission.