Free Training for Coaches and Therapists

How to attract clients through content and copywriting

Using emails and social media messages

Date: 18 September 20.00

Location: Live Zoom Call

During this free discovery call, Roy and his senior copywriter and marketing strategist will give a free 30-min lecture about how to get coaching clients online.

New or starting coaches are welcome, but please note that this training will be most helpful for people who already have some coaching clients and want to upgrade their business. 

Dr. Roy Martina

Holistic MD, Trainer of 1000s of coaches, therapists, and trainers

Jeshua Martina

Copywriter & Digital Marketing Strategist

This is for coaches and therapists…

  • Who want to expand their business and attract new clients online
  • And learn how to write compelling messages that make people curious
  • Who want to get better results from their email and social media marketing
  • And get a chance to enroll in the content copywriting case study program

This discovery call will be live and will NOT be repeated. Recordings will only be available for people who register. 

Live participants get INCENTIVE.

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